Success begins with proper planning

Want to stand out on your college application? Preparation will help you do just that.

Your College Advisor LLC provides individualized collegiate planning and consultation. Nell Stranburg works one-on-one with each student assisting with all aspects of college planning from high school course selection to reviewing university acceptance offers and matching the student's goals to the best college fit.

When a student consults with Nell in the freshman year, both the student and parents receive Nell's expert advice on academic planning and involvement in activities. Early planning prevents missteps in academic choices that could impair an otherwise excellent application.

Regardless of when a student comes to Your College Advisor LLC, Nell will help students capitalize on their strengths and present the strongest application possible.

Did you know...?

* These statistics reflect 2013 figures. The student-to-counslor ratio continues to drag downward, while the accepted freshman classes have held relatively stable as of 2018.

For more information

Download or View Nell's color brochure with Adobe Acrobat Reader, and print it for future reference. If you can't open this file, download Adobe Acrobat, a free program that allows you to read .pdf file types on any computer operating system.

Please contact Nell Stranburg for a consultation as package pricing varies with individual need combined with accomplishments and progress through high school.

Nell Stranburg • 850.222.9889 • 409 Beard Street • Tallahassee, Florida 32303 • E-mail Nell