Alan Staney... a web designer and graphic artist in Tallahassee, Florida. Alan graduated from Leon High School, then attended Florida State University and graduated with honors from the Studio Art program with a Bachelor's degree in 2003. He currently works at a local "dot com" company designing web pages. He has designed a few board games over the years, one of which is in the process of being published and distributed.

As far as web design goes, Alan learned how to code HTML in Notepad (yes, that archaic Windows text editor you find under Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad) in high school, in 1997. He learned Adobe Photoshop 4.0 around the same time and has been using Photoshop ever since. Later he got a job where he learned CSS on-the-job, and even learned a little Flash animation on the side to keep up with the times. He has an eye for design and loves drawing things from scratch to incorporate his own graphics into his work, and that's something you don't find too often.

If your local Tallahassee small business has website needs, Alan's probably your man. If you just need a small website to say that you have an internet presence, he can handle it. In fact, he can do all the red tape for you that's involved in finding and registering you a domain name, figure out your hosting issues, and basically all the logistics to get you to a point where you can slap a website address on a business card and say "That's me!" to your customers without worrying about it. And if what you really need is a little more than he can handle, he has friends in the web design world that he can refer you to or team up with for likewise quality, affordable, local, native Tallahassee support.