Will your college application stand out from the rest, or will you just be another number?

The current process of applying to college does not compare to what many parents did twenty or thirty years ago. At that time a senior completed a simple application (without an essay), asked a parent for a check, and sent the application off to the university.  In the spring, one received the letter saying he or she was admitted.

Now students need to plan their classes for the high school years so one can get the required number of Advanced Placement classes to be a strong candidate. Colleges often expect a college résumé to accompany the application and it should show the student as an involved member of his or her community. Scholarships abound out there, but it can be difficult to find and earn the best and easiest ones that might apply directly to your student.

Nell Stranburg works with students and families to reduce the stress of the application process and help the student present the strongest application. The student receives personalized assistance and customized strategies that meet the student’s and family’s needs.

How can an independent educational consultant help you?

Students want to go to college, but they are sometimes overwhelmed with the academic application process. An independent educational consultant is an individual not associated with a high school and is trained in assisting students find the right college. This consultant provides personal attention and custom fits the process to the student which compliments the services provided by the Leon County high school academic counselors. Here are some ways an independent educational consultant can help your family:

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